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Episode Number Topic Show Description
12-19-07 1 Leadership in Law Enforcement Listen
12-26-07 2 Law Enforcement Driving Technology, Crime Scenes Listen
1-2-08 3 Policing and Stress Listen
1-9-08 4 Promotion and Advancement Listen
1-16-08 5 An interview with Dee Dee Serpas Listen
1-23-08 6 Criminal Investigations with Dr. James N. Gilbert Listen
1-30-08 7 An Interview with Lisa Lockwood, Undercover Angel Listen
2-6-08 8 Computer Crime Listen
2-13-08 9 Police Corruption Listen
2-20-08 10 Police Officer Rights Listen
2-27-08 11 Highway Drug Interdiction Listen
3-6-08 12 Extreme Cop Listen
3-12-08 13 Interview with Brian Heger Listen
3-19-08 14 Police Management Listen
3.26.08 15 Bad Cop on the Run, with Robert Davis Listen
4-9-08 16 SWAT Operations Listen
4-16-08 17 Field Training Officer Programs Listen
4-23-08 18 Author Interview  James O. Born Listen
4-30-09 19 Police Equipment with Steve Russ Listen
5-7-08 20 Author Interview Renee Anderson, author of LAPD Wife Listen
5-17-08 21 Cop War Stories  With Guest Host Jerry Ardolino


5-21-08 22 Secrets of Marine Corps Leadership with Wally Adamchick Listen
5-28-08 23 An interview with James H. Lilley


6-4-08 24 An interview with Joe Sanchez


6-11-08 25 NYPD Emergency Services Unit with Al Sheppard


6-18-08 26 Criminal Justice Education Dr. Gregory D. Herbert, Lt Col, USAF (Ret.)


6-27-08 27 Methamphetamine - Community Prevention Tactics with Linda Flanders and Chief of Police Tim Sletten (Red Wing Police Department)


7-5-08 28 Author interview with O'Neil De Noux


7-11-08 29 Becoming a Police Officer, Lieutenant Barry Baker, Baltimore Police Department (ret.) Listen
7-18-08 30 How to Become Private Investigator, Jimmie Mesis Listen
7-25-08 31 Search and Seizure with David Waksman


8-1-08 32 Homicide Investigations Lieutenant Vernon Geberth, NYPD (ret.)


8-6-08 33 Schools as Terror Targets John Giduck


8-22-08 34 Laughs in Law Enforcement with Claude Anderson and Harry Penny




Law Enforcement Intelligence Operations with Frank S. Root


11-14-08 36 Interview with Stacy Dittrich


11-21-08 37 Life Coach with Julie Hryniewicz-Hache



38 Maritime Security with Michael G. Walling


12-12-08 39 Iraq: An RPG to the Head and a Silver Star the Gunny Speaks with Gunnery Sergeant Nicholas A. Popaditch, USMC (ret.)


12-19-08 40 Combustible Dust: The Threat to First Responders John Astad and Justin Clift


1-9-09 41 Citizen Survival of Terrorist Attacks with Jim Wagner Listen
1-16-09 42 Author Interview - Jack Lundquist, Oakland Police Department Listen
1-23-09 43 Aviation History - Major R.G. Beavers, USAF Listen
1-30-09 44 True Crime Tom Basinski, Chula Vista Police Department (ret.) Listen
2-6-09 45 Officer Survival Mindset: Becoming a 15th Century Samurai in a 21st Century World: Sergeant Marty Katz, Broward County Sheriff's Office (ret.) Listen
2-13-09 46 Badge of Life with Sergeant Andy O'Hara, California Highway Patrol (ret.) Listen
2-20-09 47 Surviving Bootcamp with Sergeant Mike Volkin Listen
2-27-09 48 Sergeant Alex J. McDonald, Broward County Sheriff's Department (ret.) Listen
3-13-09 49 Digital Images in Law Enforcement Listen
3-20-09 50 Chicago Police, FBI and Midnight Battles Listen
4-10-09 51 The Smiley Face Serial Killers Listen
4-17-09 52 Interviewing Sexually Motivated Offenders Listen
4-24-09 53 The Oasis Project Listen
5-1-09 54 Bombs, Bullets and Fast Talk Listen
5-8-09 55 Soldier, Cop, Musician and Author Listen
5-15-09 56 Fed Undercover: Contract Killer, Weapons Dealer, Pedophile Listen
5-22-09 57 Special Forces Soldier Listen
5-29-09 58 Industrial Security Protection Listen
6-5-09 59 World War II Fighter Pilot Listen
6-12-09 60 How to Undress a Cop Listen
7-10-09 61 Rape Aggression Defense Training with Kimberly Cheryl Elliot Listen
7-17-09 62 Sub Hunter with Captain Edward M. Brittingham, USN (ret.) Listen
7-24-09 63 Forensic Investigator with Senior Detective Constable Esther McKay Listen


Military Music from all branches of the US Military Listen


65 Colonel Michael Angley, USAF, (ret.), Office of Air Force Special Investigations, Author Child Finder Listen
8-8-09 66 Navy Jazz and Blues with the Navy Commodores Listen
8-9-09 67 Jazz, Swing and Blues with the Army Jazz Ambassadors Listen
8-14-09 68 Tracy Barnhart, Marion Juvenile Correctional Facility, Careers in Corrections Listen
8-15-09 69 Air Force Jazz -by US Air Force Musicians of Note Listen
8-16-09 70 The United States Military Academy Jazz Ensemble the Jazz Knights Listen
8-20-09 71 Police Research and former Volunteer Firefighter Lisa Spahr on her book WWII Radio Heroes: Letters of Compassion Listen
8-21-09 72 Joe Hefferon, Essex County Sheriff's Office, Author of The Sixth Session Listen
8-22-09 73 The History of Marine Corps Music Listen
8-23-09 74 Army Brass - The United States Army Brass Quintet Listen
8-27-09 75 Vietnam War Story - Former USMC Major Richard Botkin Listen
8-28-09 76 Raymond S. Kopp, USN, the author of Thunder in the Night Listen
8-29-09 77 Military Music with the US Army 338th Band Listen
8-30-09 78 Music, Heroes and More Listen
9-4-09 79 Confessions of an Oakland Cop, Sergeant Robert Searle, Oakland Police Department (ret.) Listen
9-11-09 80 Jihad and American Medicine with Former Lieutenant Commander Adam Dorin, USN, M.D. Listen
9-17-09 81

Successfully Marketing Your Novel In The 21st Century with Former US Army Sergeant First Class Sergeant Austin S. Camacho

9-18-09 82 Ken Dye and Shadow of the Arch Listen
9-25-09 83 Executive Director, 100 Club of Arizona and author of Gifts my Father Gave Me: Finding Joy After Tragedy, Sharon Knutson-Felix Listen
10-1-09 84 Community Based Policing with former San Francisco Police Department detective Linda Flanders Listen
10-2-09 85 The Streets Ran Red with Paramedic Morgan Lawrence Listen
10-8-09 86 Commercial Airline Hijack Procedures with Captain Steve Reeves. Listen
11-5-09 87 Dr. Brian A. Kinnaird, author of Parallel Universe Listen
11-12-09 88 Hamburger Hill: The Final Assault with Arthur Wiknik Listen
12-17-09 89 Forensic Science in Homicide Investigations with Lieutenant Vernon Geberth, NYPD (ret.) Listen
1-15-10 90 Spitfire Wingman, Colonel James Robert Haun Listen
1-21-10 91 Unconventional Delivery of Deadly Force with Tracy E. Barnhart Listen
1-22-10 92 An American Family in World War Two, Dr. Sandra O'Connell Listen
1-30-10 93 182 Days in Iraq with Phil Kiver Listen
2-4-10 94 Radio Tracking and Recovery of Persons at Risk with Chief Gene Saunders Listen
2-5-10 95 The War Trail with retired Chief Warrant Officer Charles A. McDonald, USA Listen
(1700 hours)
96 Crime Mapping with Michael King Listen
(2100 Hours)
97 Pappy Boyington Field with Kevin Gonazales, USMC Listen
2-18-10 98 Social Media and Law Enforcement with Lauri Stevens Listen
2-19-10 99 Violence against Police Officers with Chief Joel Shults, Ph.D. Listen
2-26-10 100 100th Anniversary Show Listen
3-4-10 101 Lean Six Sigma for Law Enforcement Listen
3-18-10 102 Sing Sing Prison - Al Bermudez Listen
3-25-10 103 Assistant Chief Howard Jordan, Oakland Police Department with Special Guest Host Jaime Duigan, Chicago Police Department Listen
3-29-10 104 Coast Guard Photojournalist with David Walks-As-Bear Listen
4-1-10 105 Micronesian Blues with Dr. Bryan Vila Listen
4-8-10 106 Police Chaplin with C. Grant Wolf Listen
4-9-10 107 Latino Officers Association with Alex Martinez Listen
4-15-10 108 Navy Seal - Michael Jaco Listen
4-22-10 109 Vietnam, No Regrets with J. Richard Watkins Listen
4-30-10 110 Cold Case Parental Abductions with Private Investigator Monty Curtis Listen
5-6-10 111 Lawman Leather: The Dirty Harry Holster and Real Cops with Jerry Ardolino Listen
5-13-10 112 Confessions of a Black Conservative with Lloyd Marcus Listen
5-14-10 113 Iraq War Veteran with former US Army Special Forces Soldier David Johnson Listen
5-20-10 114 Bad Cop, No Donut: Tales of Police Behaving Badly with John L. French, Quintin Peterson and James Grady Listen
5-28-10 115 All Fingers and Toes with Sergeant Gregory Allen, Upland Police Department (ret.) Listen
6-3-10 116 Korean War with Donald J. Farinacci Listen
6-10-10 117 Immigration and Law Enforcement with Sean Rogers Listen
6-11-11 118 Striving to be the Best with Allen Garber Listen
6-17-10 119 Implosion at Los Alamos with Glenn Walp Listen
6-24-10 120 New Dawn: The Battles for Fallujah with James Howard Listen
7-15-10 121 UberCouple with James Howard Listen
7-19-10 122 NASSLEO Listen
7-22-10 123 Author William Beck Listen
7-29-10 124 Would You Marry a Cop? Listen
9-16-10 125 Worms in the Apple with Detective Joe DeCicco, New York City Police Department (ret.) Listen
9-30-10 126 Power Grid with Lieutenant Art Adkins, Gainesville Police Department Listen
10-7-10 127 Conscience of a Dead Killer with Gary Delfino Listen
10-13-10 128 Courage and Sacrifice with Former Marine Corps Artillery Officer Gerald Gillis Listen
10-29-10 129 Sexual Assault in the Military Listen
11-4-10 130 Swift Boats in Vietnam Listen
1-12-11 131 World War Two POW Samuel Sy Brenner Listen
2-24-11 132 SEAL Doc: The Story of the First US Navy SEAL Team in Vietnam Listen
3-31-11 133 Marketing for Veterans Listen
5-19-11 134 Those Who Dare with Phil Ward Listen
5-26-11 135 Stay Mad with David Graham Listen
6-2-11 136 Murder Solved with retired LAPD Homicide Detective Steven Hodel Listen
6-9-11 137 Peter Francisco - Hercules of the Revolutionary War Listen
7-7-11 138  Pirates and Cartels Listen
7-14-11 139 Cherries: A Vietnam War Novel with John Podlaski Listen
7-21-11 140 A Cop's Life with Allan Cole Listen
7-28-11 141 Police Stories: Making One Bit of Difference with Sergeant Steve Dixon, San Jose Police Department (Ret.) Listen
8-4-11 142 The Light Bringer with Chris DiGiuseppi and Michael T. Force Listen
9-15-11 143 Confessions of a Las Vegas Motorcop Listen
9-22-11 144 Incoming: Vietnam 1969 with Jack Manick Listen
9-29-11 145 Instinct Combat Shooting with Chuck Klein Listen
11-10-11 146 Honor in the Valley of Tears with Jon Ponsoll Listen
11-17-11 147 Distant War: Recollections of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with Mark Yablonka Listen
12-1-11 148 Internet Safety: Cyberbullying, Sexting and Social Networks with former Detective Keith Dunn Listen
12-2-11 149 You Can't Tap and Run with Jerry Ardonlino Listen
12-7-11 150 The Guide Book for Warriors with Lt. Colonel Albert W. Johnson, USAF (ret.) Listen
12-22-11 151 NYPD: Worms in the Big Apple with Detective Joe DeCicco, NYPD (ret.) Listen
1-26-12 152 War Against the Navy with Former US Marine Bob Ford Listen
2-2-12 153 Drunk Busters of American with Curt Kindschuh Listen
2-9-12 154 The Complete Idiot's Guide To Linkedin Marketing Listen
3-1-12 155 Defensive Tactics: Survival Guide for Law Enforcement with retired FBI Special Agency Chuck Joyner Listen
3-19-12 156 Crisis Referral Services for Public Safety Employees with former police officer Sean Riley Listen
3-22-12 157 Searching for Stanley: Unforgotten Hero of World War II Listen
3-29-12 158 Police and Public Safety Complex Trauma with Dr. Daniel C. Rudofossi. Listen
5-17-12 159 Special Operations Aviator and Author Michael J. Hangee Listen
5-24-12 160 Cybercrime: Managing Offender Risk in the 21st Century with Art Bowker Listen
5-31-12 161 The NYPD Film Unit with Vincent Casale Listen
6-14-12 162 Cops Who Write About Cops with Mike McNeff Listen
6-21-12 163 Hunting for Heroes with Lance LoRusso Listen
6-28-12 164 Baghdad ER with Dr. Todd Baker Listen
7-12-12 165 Dollars & Uncommon Sense: Basic Training For Your Money with Steve Repak Listen
7-19-12 166 The Civilian Guide to Leading your Troops with David Ciarella Listen
8-2-12 167 Remember Roscoe Filburn with Lt. Colonel Douglas Lising Listen
8-11-12 168 Open Lines Listen
8-18-12 168 Open Lines Listen
8-25-12 169 Open Lines - Sympathetic Fire Listen
9-1-12 170 Open Lines - Conspiracies Listen
9-8-12 171 Open Lines
9-11-12 172 Remembering 9/11 with Colonel Will Merrill Listen
9-20-12 173

Marine Corps Recruit Training with Gunnery Sergeant Nicholas Papaditch, USMC (ret.)

10-18-12 174 Murder, Martial Arts and Mind Control with author, attorney and former US Army Soldier Jonathan Mark Bruce Listen
10-25-12 175 Persia Rising with retired police officer and former US Navy Servicemember Mark Langford Listen
11-1-12 176 Aerial Support to Law Enforcement Operations with Sergeant Darryl Kimbal, San Diego County Sheriff's Department Listen
11-8-12 177 Beyond the Shadow of the Arch with retired St. Louis County Police Officer Ken Dye Listen



178 Thirty Days with My Father: Finding Peace from Wartime PTSD with Dr. Christal Presley, Ph.D. Listen
12-5-12 179 Cold Quiet Country with US Army Veteran Clayton Lindemuth Listen
12-13-12 180 Afghanistan: The Perfect Failure with Lt. Colonel John Lewis Cook, USA (ret.) Listen
12-20-13 181 The Daddy Rock with Michael Kannengieser Listen
12-27-13 182 Leadership Basics: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins With Art Adkins Listen
2-14-13 183 To Serve and Protect with Michael Roberts Listen
2-15-13 184 Military Innovators with Lou Paradise Listen
2-21-13 185 LAPD to NYPD: Community Policing with Michael Kannengieser Listen
2-28-13 186 Writing the Police Procedural with Michael Grant Listen
3-14-13 187 An American Advisor in Wartime Vietnam with Robert Kay Listen
3-21-13 188 A Grunt Speaks: 'Devil's Dictionary of Vietnam Infantry Tales & Terms with Major Ray Gleason, USA (ret.) Listen
4-4-13 189 Still Standing: The Story of SSG John Kriesel Listen
4-11-13 190 Searching for Sandra: The Disappearance of Sandra Cantu with Stacy Dittrich Listen
4-25-13 191 Surviving Spousal Physical and Psychological Abuse with Marvela Dawnay Listen
5-2-13 192 Combat Search and Rescue Helicopter Pilot with L. Todd Wood Listen
5-9-13 193 Alamo City Blue with Jim Middleton Listen
5-23-13 194 A Neurosurgeon in Wartime Vietnam with Dr. Paul Pitlyk Listen
5-30-13 195 A Layman Considers Wisdom with Marshall Lenne Listen
7-6-13 196 How to Undress a Cop with Sarah Cortez Listen
7-13-13 197 Loud and Clear with Luke Marusiak Listen
7-20-13 198 Aboard the AC-130 Spectre Gunship with MSGT. David Burns, USAF (ret.) Listen
8-17-13 199 Accountability Citizenship with Former US Army Officer Stephen Tryon Listen
8-31-13 200 Our Lost Border: Essays on Life amid the Narco-Violence with Sarah Cortez and Hipolito Acosta Listen
9-7-13 201

Remembering the Heroes of 911 with Colonel Will G.  Merrill, USA (ret.)

9-14-13 202 Cobra Gunship Pilot with Major Dan Sheehan, USMC Listen
10-12-13 203 Hard Facts: The War on Terror with Captain Edward M. Brittingham, USN (ret.) Listen
10-19-13 204 God, the Gunman and Me with Jeanne Assam Listen
10-20-13 205 Roll Call with Raymond E. Foster and Michael Kannengieser Listen
10-26-13 206 Thinking Beyond Life with Chief Michael T. Force & Assistant Chief  Chris DiGiuseppi, Lake St. Louis PD Listen
11-2-13 207 Heart and Soul: 50 Years of Poetry with former Law Enforcement Official Roger Bull Listen
11-9-13 208 Victim Advocacy with Karen Bune Listen
11-10-13 209 Roll call with Raymond E. Foster and Michael J. Kannengieser Listen
11-16-13 210 Corporate SmokeJumper: Security and Protection with Sy Alli Listen
11-23-13 211 World War II History with Captain Jack Woodville London, USA Listen
11-24-13 212 Roll Call (Stupid Cop Tricks) with Raymond E. Foster and Michael Kannengeiser Listen
12-8-13 213 Roll Call with Raymond E Foster and Michael Kannengeiser Listen
12-14-13 214 The Last Jump: An Historical Novel of World War II with John Nevola Listen
12-21-13 215 The NYPD Police Procedural with Joe Decicco Listen
12-22-13 216 Roll Call with Raymond E Foster and Michael Kannengeiser Listen
12-28-13 217 CyberCrime with Art Bowker Listen
1-4-14 218 Embedded Enemy: The Insider Threat With Sergeant Major Bart E. Womack, USA (ret.) Listen
1-5-14 219 Roll Call with Raymond E Foster and Michael Kannengeiser Listen
1-11-14 220

Active Shooter: Post Crisis Leadership with Vincent J. Bove

1-18-14 221

Espionage to Murder: The First Cyber Detective with Special Agent Jim Christy

1-19-14 222 Roll Call with Raymond E Foster and Michael Kannengeiser Listen
1-25-14 223 Soviet History with Captain S. Martin Shelton, USN (ret.) Listen
2-15-14 224

Inside the Air Force Office of Special Investigations with Colonel Bob Doerr, USAF (ret.)

2-22-14 225 Into the Storm: A U.S. Marine in the Persian Gulf War with Phillip Thompson Listen
3-8-14 226 The Atomic Bomb and Its Deadly Shadow with Dean Warren Listen
3-21-14 227 US Navy Seal: When Bullets Hit Your Funny Bone with Billy Allmon Listen
3-22-14 228 Deception Detection with Detective Paul Bishop, LAPD (ret.) Listen
3-29-14 229 Toxic Boss Blues with Steve Neal Listen
4-5-14 230 Hero Flight with Joe Byron Listen
4-19-14 231 Hope, Resiliency and Perseverance with Major Sean P. Hoggs, USAF (ret.) Listen
7-24-14 232 Death of an American Soldier Listen
8-28-14 233 Writing the Police Procedural Listen
10-30-14 234 Trooper with Christopher Martini Listen
11-6-14 235 Travel and Culture with the US Army with Lieutenant Colonel Lori D. Renswick, USA Listen
11-13-14 236 Inside the US Marshal's Office with former US Marshal Walter B. Biondi Listen
11-20-14 237 Memoir of a Reluctant World Traveler with former USAF Officer Don Feeney Listen
12-4-14 238 The Disabled Veteran's Story with Major Miguel Reece, USAF (ret.) Listen
12-11-14 239 Backing the Badge: Critical Incident Support  with Sgt. Gary Bush, MCSO (ret.), Detective Michael J. Saxe, NYPD (ret.) and Dr. Alison Brown. Listen
12-18-14 240 Operation: Next Chapter with Vietnam Veteran Cym Lowell Listen
1-8-15 241 Against the Tide: Rickover's Leadership Principles with Rear Admiral Dave Oliver, United States Navy Listen
1-15-15 242

PTSD Awareness and Support with Former USMC Captain Brad Jones

1-22-15 243 Tattoo Zoo: A Novel of the Afghan War wtih Former Green Beret Paul Avallone Listen
2-19-15 244 Transitioning from the Military to Private Enterprise with Former United States Marine Cedric Cook Listen
2-26-15 245 Zero Point Leadership with Former US Navy/Merchant Marine Paul McFadden Listen
5-14-15 246 Becoming an Effective and Powerful Public Speaker with Police Officer, Military Veteran and Motivational Speaker Josh Weddell Listen
5-21-15 247 What Cops Watch with Captain Chris DiGiuseppi, Saint Louis Lake Police Department and Mike Wilkerson Listen
5-28-15 248 Conversation with a Marine Corps General with Major General John Admire, USMC (ret.) Listen

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