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Toxic Boss Blues

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The March 29, 2014, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with law enforcement professional and author of Toxic Boss Blues Steve Neal.

Program Date:  March 29, 2014
Program Time:
1500 hours, PACIFIC
Toxic Boss Blues
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Steve Neal "served as a law enforcement officer in Virginia for 29 years. During his tenure he was fortunate to experience a wide range of assignments which included Uniform Operations, Criminal Investigations, Covert Operations, Director of the Emergency Communications Center, Director of Training, Support Services Commander, and Inspector for the Office of Professional Standards. He has comprehensive knowledge on the subject of selection and development of a public safety workforce, expertise regarding covert investigations, and a special affinity for media relations."  Steve Neal is the author of Toxic Boss Blues.

 According to the book description of Toxic Boss Blues, "Steve Neal takes you inside the world of noxious mismanagement, exposing the consequences of toxic supervisory behavior. Straight talk from a tough cop who offers respectful and artistic leadership tactics makes Toxic Boss Blues appealing to anyone who has ever tangled with a difficult manager."

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