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Leadership Basics: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins

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The December 20, 2012, episode of American Heroes Radio will feature a conversation with Lieutenant Art Adkins, Gainesville Police Department about leadership and his new book Leadership Basics: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins.

Topic: Leadership Basics: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins

Date: December 27, 2012

Time: 1500 Pacific

Listen Online:

Lieutenant Art Adkins is a 29 year veteran of law enforcement.  He began his law enforcement career on the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and then joined the Los Angeles Police Department.  During his 12 years with the Los Angeles Police Department he attained the rank of sergeant.  Lieutenant Art Adkins returned to Florida to finish his law enforcement career with the Gainesville Police Department.  He has worked a variety of assignments including patrol, detectives, administration, vice, bunco-forgery.  Moreover, as a sergeant he has supervised both investigative and administrative police units.  Lieutenant Art Adkins is the author of The Oasis Project, Power Grid and Leadership Basics: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins

According to the book description of Leadership Basics: Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins, “By avoiding the pitfalls of the Seven Deadly Sins and embracing the Seven Heavenly Virtues, leaders can modify their 'rules of behavior' and become imminently successful. It is a choice. One road leads to a balanced, purposeful path of successful leadership while the other spirals downward to chaos. One brings harmony, the other discord. Which road do you want to take? There are two things you should to do to become a successful leader. One is to act like a leader, and the other is to take the steps to become a leader. Leadership Basics will help you accomplish both. This unique guide will teach you to conquer the Seven Deadly Sins- pride, envy, wrath, sloth, greed, gluttony, and lust- by using the seven heavenly virtues- humility, kindness, patience, diligence, charity, temperance, and chastity. Through specific examples and helpful advice, you'll learn what a leader looks like and the simple steps to get there. You hold in your heart all the traits you need to be an effective leader, and you hold in your hands an inspirational, comprehensive guide to Leadership Basics to draw those traits out. What are you waiting for?”

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