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Single Parenthood

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Episode No. 13 Single Parenthood

Date: March 12, 2008

Notes: An interview with Bryan Heger, retired Sergeant with the Anne Arundel County Police Department; and, the author of Me and the Boy's: A Man's Guide to Single Parenthood.

During Bryan Heger’s 26 year law enforcement career with the Anne Arundel County Police Department (Maryland), he rose to the rank of sergeant.  After being medically retired, Bryan Heger authored Me and the Boys: A Man's Guide to Single Parenthood.

 According to the description of Me and the Boys: A Man's Guide to Single Parenthood, “Imagine yourself a twenty-six veteran police officer with a file full of commendations. Fully half your career was as a sergeant responsible for a number of young officers under your command. You put in your time on the street. You paid your dues. You’re still young and good at your job, a nice home, two great young boys and a wife...and then... Injuries pile up. Back surgery sidelines you – permanently. The department can’t use you anymore and you’re out on medical retirement while in your prime. The wife leaves you, the boys, the state. This is not the script for some tear streaked television show full of angst. It’s the story of Sergeant. Bryan Heger who went from street cop to Mr. Mom with determination, compassion for his kids, and fortunately a sense of humor.”

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