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Episode No. 18 James O. Born

Date: April 23, 2008

Notes: An interview with police officer and author James O. Born

James Born is a Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. He has been involved in investigations such as organized crime, violent crimes, economic crimes, drug cartels, and police corruption.

Before working with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, James Born joined the US Marshals service in early 1986 as a deputy marshal.  One year later, he transferred to the Drug Enforcement Administration. In four years with Drug Enforcement Administration, he was assigned to the West Palm Beach field office, and traveled within the United States and Panama. He spent a great deal of time in Miami during the height of the drug wars. His investigations at Drug Enforcement Administration generally focused on cocaine smuggling from Colombia. In addition, he worked undercover in a number of situations, in one case volunteering to assist the ATF as an undercover agent in the Ku Klux Klan during an explosives investigation. 

James Born writes fictional novels set in Florida.  According to one reader, “It's always exciting to pick up a novel by an author who started off with great work and who keeps getting better with each new book.  Born fits that description. Escape Clause, his third novel featuring Florida Department of Law Enforcement agent Bill Tasker, is easily his best, not an easy mark to reach considering the high quality of Walking Money and Shock Wave, his first two novels.”  James Born’s fourth novel is Field of Fire.

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