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The July 13, 2013 episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with former US Army soldier Luke Marusiak the author of Loud and Clear.

Program Date: July 13, 2013

Program Time: 1500 hours, PACIFIC

Topic: Loud and Clear

Listen Live:


Luke Marusiak “was raised in Western Pennsylvania. He served in the US Army culminating with the 1st Infantry Division in Desert Storm. He has resided in the Silicon Valley since the early 1990s working in semiconductors, hard drive media, and vacuum chamber systems in positions from process engineer to Chief Operating Officer and CEO. He draws on his family, friendships and experiences for his writing. He currently resides in California with his wife and son.”  Luke Marusiak is the author of Loud and Clear, and Marx & Ford.


According to the book description of Loud and Clear, “Hank Rudzinski always wanted to be a hero. He finds Amy, a partner in his quest, and joins the Army. From Pennsylvania to West Germany; from a Georgia Army Post to a Mississippi Air Force Base; from an Infantry Division in Missouri to the deserts of Iraq in 1991- they realize that heroes are made of something different than rank or medals. They also discover that great causes bring out the best but also the very worst of people. This novel pulls aside the curtain to reveal the grandeur and grittiness of such pursuits. It is also a novel of love and hate; highlighting the lifelong permanence of soul searing choices.”

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