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Episode No. 14 Police Management

Date: March 19, 2008

Notes: Special extended show on Police Management with guests Margaret Stark (Grant Consultant), Vic Plessner (Corrections Consultant); and, Captain Jon Shane, the author of the books of the year.

Margaret Stark
Margaret Stark is a law enforcement grant specialist, providing grants services for CHIEF Grants and ITT Night Vision. With over 15 years experience in grant writing, Margaret's credits include: Senior Certified Grants Specialist; Certified Grants Administrator; Certified Grants Specialist; Certified Grants Reviewer; Certified Grants Consultant  Since joining ITT's night vision team in 1999, Margaret has assisted over 8,500 law enforcement agencies in obtaining grant-related information for applications and assistance of over $52.5 million in funding.  Whether working via face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, or email correspondence, Margaret helps law enforcement agencies identify available grant monies, then provides step-by-step direction as to how agencies may secure the needed funding.

Margaret also teaches grant writing classes in academies and law enforcement facilities across the U.S., as well as venues such as:  International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) annual conference; American Society for Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET) annual conference; Virginia Chief's Association; The Performance Institute; Sigarms Academy; CHIEF Grants Regional Seminars; University of Virginia Command College; Ohio 14th District Elected Officials’ Conference, Hosted by Congressman Steven LaTourette; ALEA Annual Conference.

Vic Plessner

Vic Plessner of the VHP Group has over 38 years experience in designing High Level Security, Communications, and IT Data Systems. In addition he does threat assessments, master planning, security training, development of policies and procedures, and auditing. Most of his clients are in the Criminal Justice field (Prisons, Jails, Sheriff’s Departments, Court Houses and even governments).

His main advantage is that he understands operations. Although an expert in technology, he doesn’t look to throw equipment alone at the problem. He thinks out of the box! Many solutions are a combination of equipment, good administration, policies and procedures and architectural designs to enhance security.  In Colombia, South America, he solved a prison security problem by having an entire village relocated. In another example, he recommended a lunch program for the poor people adjacent to a shipping port to reduce theft and to work with the local people instead of against them. He has also encouraged the building of hospital wings and soccer fields.

When Pablo Escobar escaped from a Colombian prison, he was hired to re-design their prisons and revise their Federal Prison Polices and Procedures and to introduce new courses at their school of corrections. He has developed Master Security Plans and Designs for the Westchester County Department of Corrections and the Essex County Sheriff’s Department.  Vic recently was hired by the Police of Maldives to provide a Threat Analysis of their prison after 400 inmates escaped.

Jon M. Shane
Captain Jon  Shane (ret.) began his 22 year law enforcement career as a Public Safety Communications Operator for the Clifton Police Department (New Jersey).  In 1989, he joined the Newark Police Department (New Jersey) as a police officer.  Jon Shane rose to the rank of captain, retiring in 2005.  Jon Shane has a BA in Criminal Justice, an MA in Criminal Justice and is completing his doctorate in Criminal Justice.

Jon Shane is the author of What Every Chief Executive Should Know, the 2008 book of the year. According to the book description of What Every Chief Executive Should Know, “How many officers do we need? Are we efficiently using the ones we have? Is there a relationship between the number of officers we have and our crime rate? What s the status of our patrol car fleet? Are citizens satisfied with our work? What s the cost of our special programs and what are the actual benefits? Big questions that demand solid answers! This book will help you provide them! Easy to understand and designed to help top administrators use actual current information and calculations to make the kinds of informed decisions that make agencies run smoothly, efficiently and economically. You’ll get step-by-step guidance on: Evaluating whether overtime is necessary and effective Drafting and maintaining a realistic, successful budget Creating smart, efficient workload distributions Analyzing cost effectiveness of special departmental programs Learning to forecast crime...and prepare to combat it.”

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