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Police Officer Rights

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Episode No. 10 Police Officer Rights

Date: February 20, 2008

Notes: A conversation with Sean Rogers on Police Officer Rights. Sean is a former police officer who learned a law degree and now defends cops, negotiates their contracts and other legal matters.

Sean Rogers, a Leonardtown, Maryland attorney, is a former police officer who specializes in arbitration and mediation.  He has significant experience working with the criminal justice field as an arbitrator.  Currently, his practice concentrates on third-party neutral law practice in mediation, factfinding, impasse/dispute resolution and arbitration.  Additionally, he conducts conflict resolution through mediation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution.  He has published awards in private, federal and public sectors including:  airline, railroad, health care; pulp and paper products; manufacturing; packaging and container; communications; and police, fire and corrections industries.  Moreover, Sean Rogers provides comprehensive Labor/Management training, consulting and facilitation services including:  Alternate Dispute Resolution, Interest Based Bargaining, Team Building, Negotiating and Arbitration Skills.

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