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A Cop's Wife

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Episode No. 20 A Cop’s Wife

Date: May 7, 2008

Notes: A conversation with Renee Anderson the author of LAPD Wife.

Renee Anderson was raised on a farm in Missouri and moved to Los Angeles in 1994. She worked in the newspaper industry, but now owns her own business and works as a virtual assistant in the business administration and marketing sectors.  Shortly after moving to Los Angeles, her dry cleaners arranged a “blind date” with her future husband, “Officer Jake.”  She and Jake were married in 1996.  Officer Jake has been a Los Angeles Police Officer for over 19 years.

According to Renee Anderson, after five years of marriage she found “there was not much out there for the law enforcement wife.”  She realized there were only a handful of books, websites and social groups.  While she was thinking about writing a book, a friend introduced her to blogging.  After a little more than three years of blogging three times a week, she had a tremendous amount of content, as well as an impressive following.  Renee Anderson’s blog led to the book – Police Wife: My Life Married to the Badge.

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