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Episode No. 8 Computer Crime

Date: February 6, 2008

Notes: Exploring computer crime with experts Tom Eskridge and Jim Fischbach.

Thomas Eskridge began his law enforcement career as a reserve police officer for the Santa Ana Police Department (California).  In January 1980, he joined the Compton Police Department (California), rising to the rank of sergeant.  In 1990, he joined the joined the Redondo Beach Police Department (California), and retired at the rank of Lieutenant.  Thomas Eskridge as a Bachelor’s Degree, is a POST certified instructor in Computer Crime Awareness; a POST certified investigator of Computer Crimes and Sexual Assaults.  Currently, Thomas Eskridge is the Chief Operations Officer of the High Tech Crime Institute in Tampa, Florida.

The High Tech Crime Institute is a leading provider of training for Local, State and Federal agencies worldwide. Recognized as the global leader in the field of High Tech Computer Crime Investigation and Computer Forensics and provides expert instruction and proactive security management to both the private and public sectors.

Jeff Fischbach is a Board Certified Forensic Examiner.  In 1994, he founded the SecondWave Information Systems, a technology consulting firm.  Jeff Fischbach has served as a key technology advisor to more than a dozen professional organizations. As a litigation consultant and expert witness, Fischbach has shared his technological expertise with judges, attorneys and their clients. “Invaluable,” and able to “explain sophisticated computer concepts in a clear, understandable and concise way,” said one attorney.

Jeff Fischbach has worked closely with the Los Angeles Computer Crimes Division of the FBI, consulted with the Danish Consulate, and, frequently quoted, has become a recognized authority among members of the press. Jeff Fischbach has aided in the investigation and apprehension of computer criminals and has assisted in the successful defense and exoneration of those wrongly charged with computer crimes and misconduct. His strength lies in his ability to master new concepts, interpret and apply data, and, ultimately, train his audience.

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