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Episode No. 16 SWAT Operations

Date: April 9, 2008

Notes: A discussion on Special Weapons and Tactics, Hostage Rescue and Tactical Teams with Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett is the Chairman/CEO of the International Tactical Officers Training Association and SWAT Digest. Kevin is currently active duty [15 years] for a municipal police department where he is assigned to a special response team (SWAT) as a primary entry team member. Kevin’s past assignments include criminal investigations, drug task force and patrol. He has participated in hundreds of tactical operations and has specialized training and experiences in close quarter battle (CQB), counter terrorism, dignitary protection, SCBA and linear assault operations. He is a court certified expert in clandestine laboratory investigation and operations (DEA/ CLET certifications.) Kevin attended Indiana State University and is a certified instructor through the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy.

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