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182 Days in Iraq

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Episode No. 93: Spitfire Wingman

Date: January 29, 2010

Notes:  A conversation with Phil Kiver, US Army, about his book 182 Days in Iraq.

Phil Kiver is a native of Cheney Washington.  A graduate of Eastern Washington University, with a degree in Political Science and a veteran of the Washington Army National Guard.  After college he joined the Army serving overseas in Iraq, Chile, Kyrgyzstan, and Germany.   While stationed at Fort Hood Texas Kiver anchored an Army news show, on KCEN NBC Waco Texas.  During this time he received a master’s degree in Military History from American Military University.  After serving three years on active duty he left the Army and moved to Manassas Virginia.  Kiver has worked as the communications director for federal republican candidates and as a fundraiser for the RNC.  He was also a credentialed journalist on Capitol Hill for USA Radio Network out of Dallas Texas  In addition he has three published books about his time in Iraq, and has just completed two more from his most recent trip to Iraq where he served as deputy public affairs officer for 2nd Brigade 1st Armor Division of the US Army.  He has been a featured speaker at the Library of Congress as well as the Ronald Reagan Library. Phil Kiver is the author of 182 Days in Iraq.

182 Days in Iraq
Phil Kiver  More Info

According to the book description of 182 Days in Iraq, “Phil Kiver s real-life, moment-to-moment journal of his assignment as an Army journalist in Iraq is honest, irreverent gripping and emotional one moment a howl the next. Kiver s journals are raw reaction, impression, and introspection. This, folks, is what it feels like to be Phil Kiver in this war in Iraq missing home, lounging at one of Saddam s pools, angry with the brass, witnessing the deaths of children and comrades, nighttime explosions too close for comfort, pasta with the Italians, toasting the fallen with the Ukrainians. It s a delirium of experience with this journalist sorting through the rubble and smoke in search of the story that will one day be history

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