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You Cant Tap and Run Away

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Topic: You Can’t Tap and Run Away

Date/Time: 12-2-11/1900 Hours

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Note:  This program is marked explicit because of the likelihood of strong language.


Original Dirty Harry®; Holster; Wild Guns Leather ; Lawman Leather Brand's Jerry Ardolino takes on the smith-wessonforum.

Jerry Ardolino, author of Extreme Cop: Chicago PD takes on members of the smith-wessonforum. Jerry Ardolino is the original owner of the Lawman Leather Goods Brand; original maker and trademark owner of the Original Dirty Harry® Shoulder Holster and owner of the new Wild Guns Leather Co.of Texas. Jerry will dispel rumors, will deal harshly with forum members' direct insults towards him, his family and the companies he's been associated with; quash the stupid remarks made by forum members and, will correct huge errors in forum members' blogs.  Smith-wessonforum bloggers have shown prejudice ever since Ardolino wrote a sincere appraisal of a fake Dirty Harry Holster in 2008 and documented that he was the original maker and owner of the Lawman Leather Goods Brand. Many members seem to think that they can just "tap and run away" schoolgirl-style and expect not to get hit hard back. Ardolino always hits back hard and many times goes further than that. Smith-wessonforum members whose orders were skipped over due to a company president who, went against Jerry's advice from June, 2008 thru March, 2010 is another reason for complaint blogs on the forum. They need the real story from the real man; Jerry will discipline the "shut-ins with no sense of honor who've crossed the line" (as Jerry calls them) in the way only Jerry Ardolino can: hard-edged; graphic and very real. Jerry will also present two very direct and unusual challenges to all forum members. As a former two-time guest on the Watering Hole and former co-host of a wild Watering Hole special; this show on December 2, 2011 promises to be even more hard-edged. 

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