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Hard Facts: The War on Terror

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The October 12, 2013, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with Captain Edward M. Brittingham, USN (ret.), the author of Hard Facts.

Program Date:  October 12, 2013

Program Time: 1500 hours, PACIFIC

Topic: Hard Facts: The War on Terror

Listen Live:

Captain Edward M. Brittingham, USN (ret.) “was in the Air Force ROTC in college, made pilot, but dropped out in his junior year. Drafted in 1962, he joined the Navy as a navigator (Naval Aviation Observer) and then reported to NAS Norfolk, Virginia for submarine training. He joined VP-10 and transitioned to the P-3A aircraft where antisubmarine warfare became the primary mission. He moved up the ranks ultimately to Commanding Officer of VP-11.”  Edward M. Brittingham is the author of The Iranian Deception; Sub Chaser; Operation Poppy and Hard Facts: Terrorist Camps, the CIA, and the State of Homeland Security.

According to the book description of Hard Facts: Terrorist Camps, the CIA, and the State of Homeland Security, "The clues are as mystifying as they are terrifying: Off America s East Coast a new generation of nuclear-armed Russian subs lie in wait for devastating orders. At a clandestine base in Yemen, terrorists begin a countdown for jihad. In South America a dictator secretly tries to acquire super weapons from Russia and Iran. And suicide bombers may have managed the unthinkable could they have smuggled WMDs into the US? Now it's a race against time as the CIA, FBI, and Department of Defense hunt frantically for the terrorists while trying to unravel the links behind a global conspiracy out to destroy the United States.

It will be up to two heroic men to save the nation. Agent John Casey, one of the CIA s most lethal covert operatives in the war against terror, has been tapped for this most hazardous mission: he will assume a false identity, infiltrate Al-Qaeda s most impenetrable strongholds, then figure out a way to stop their plan for Armageddon. Fellow CIA man Steve Graves must piece together the puzzling connections between Venezuela s President Chavez, the Akula class subs that lurk in the Atlantic just off New England, and the terrorists apocalyptic scheme."

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