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Surviving Spousal Physical and Psychological Abuse

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The April 25, 2013, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with former US Army Reservist Marvela Dawnay about Surviving Spousal Physical and Psychological Abuse.

Program Date: April 25, 2013

Program Time: 1500 hours, PACIFIC

Topic: Surviving Spousal Physical and Psychological Abuse

Listen Live:

Marvela Dawnay, USA, “grew up in a small town in Missouri. She was a corporate executive and then later became a successful entrepreneur. She has attended two universities and served in the US Army Reserves for six years.” Marvela Dawnay is the author of MANipulated Into Fear : There Is Always A Pattern.

According to the book description of MANipulated Into Fear : There Is Always A Pattern, it “is based on a true story about a man I went to high school with and years later married and divorced three times within thirteen years. His name was Rolf. During this time, I was living the dark side of life but others perceived me as living a happy and perfect life. Back in our high school days Rolf grew up as a farmer and drank beer with his buddies. After high school he began to run with the wrong crowd and changed dramatically. I knew he liked to drink a lot of beer and liquor and had used drugs in the past, but I was not aware of his addictive personality and the severity of his addictions. At the beginning of our relationship each time he portrayed himself as the man I had thought he was years before. Within a period of time he began to manipulate me into fear and take control of my life to benefit himself.”

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