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Episode No. 6 Criminal Investigations

Date: January 23, 2008

Notes: Former Police Officer, university professor and author James Gilbert discusses criminal investigations. James Gilbert is the author of Criminal Investigations (Prentice Hall), now in its 21st year and 8th edition.

Dr. James N. Gilbert, Ph.D., has served as a police officer and investigator for the Berkeley Police Department and as a Special Agent Investigator for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.  Since 1972, Dr. Gilbert has been an educator teaching widely in the law enforcement and criminal justice field.  Since 1988, he has been a faculty member of the University of Nebraska at Kearney, where he is a full professor.

Dr. James N. Gilbert has written widely on subjects related to crime and justice.  He is the author of Criminal Investigations (Prentice Hall, 7e).  According to the description of Criminal Investigations, it is “one of the most comprehensive reviews of the investigative process available, it covers the fascinating history and future implications of field. A thorough discussion of cutting-edge investigative methods and technology employed to combat emerging crimes prepares readers to enter the next generation of criminal investigation. Using detailed crime scene examples, it links specific investigative techniques and laboratory techniques that are most effective for each particular crime.” Criminal Investigations “covers emerging types of criminal activity such as consumer fraud, identity theft, computer crime, stalking, cyberstalking, hate crimes, and the latest drug crimes; it serves as excellent resource for those currently in law enforcement.”

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