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Episode No. 12 Extreme Cop

Date: March 6, 2008

Notes: An Interview with Jerry Ardolino, ex-Chicago Police Officer and author of: Extreme Cop: Chicago PD “The True Story of the Wildest, Most Violent Cop in the History of the World”

Jerry Ardolino is the author of Extreme Cop Chicago PD: The True Story of the Wildest, most Violent Cop in the History of the Chicago Police.   According to the book description, “Jerry Ardolino was a star-carrying member of that horde of hard-edged cops; the largest and deadliest “gang” in Chicago or anyplace else. The gang in midnight-blue leather police jackets who had the tools and the talent that enabled them to become known throughout the world, as the most violent, corrupt, out-of-control and; toughest police force ever to stalk the streets.”

Jerry Ardolino is also the author of The Shang Pirate Legacy.  According to the book description it is “the first novel ever written about the real Chinese Pirate ship Ning Po and her Triad Pirate crew whose descendents are 21st Century, Asian Triad Gangsters. If you love Pirates; High-Tech Suspense; Realistic Action and a Complex, Thrilling Plot along with subplots, twists and turns---you´ll love The Shang Pirate Legacy.”

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