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Bad Cop on the Run

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Episode No. 15 Bad Cop on the Run

Date: March 19, 2008

Notes: An interview with Robert Davis, the author of Cop Out.

Robert  Davis is a former police officer with the New Orleans Police Department.  At the age of 22 he joined the New Orleans Police Department; after two years on the job he was arrested for police related corruption and facing 30 years in prison.  Rather than face the charges he fled, becoming a fugitive for over 20 years.

Robert Davis’ book, Cop Out, “is a true account of how a former police officer survived as a fugitive while evading authorities and eventually surrendered to God. This narrative approach of survival and skill encompasses a diversity of stories and experiences, including life in wooded terrain and survival as a fugitive for over twenty years. This account serves as a means for the readers to envision challenges as a true survivor leading to surrender regardless of the outcome. Reflections are provided to aid readers' understanding of this lengthy journey from periods of atheism to acceptance of God.”

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