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Episode No. 19 Police Equipment

Date: April 30, 2008

Notes: A conversation with Steve Russ about police equipment designed by law enforcement officials.

Steve Russ is an Entrepreneur and is the President of RUSS INNOVATIONS and FLAK VEST HANGERS out of Shelby Township, Michigan. Steve is also a retired Police Officer from the City of Troy Police Department where he spent most of his career in the Traffic Safety Unit.  Steve is an Expert in several fields including Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Defensive Tactics, and Pursuit Driving to name a few.  Steve has also worked for the White Lake Township Police Department and the Madison Heights Police Department.

Steve has recently turned his attention to designing and manufacturing products to help his fellow officers and holds several U.S. and Canadian Patents.  Steve’s most recent endeavor is the “Falk Vest Hanger™, described as a “Safety Device” by the National Institute of Justice.  The Flak Vest Hanger is designed to assist the LECM, Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Military Community by providing a method for wearers of body armor in maintaining and prolonging its ballistic stopping abilities.

Steve is so committed to this project that he has given the Flak Vest Hanger™ a Twenty-Five Year Warranty, which is unheard of in the LECM Community.

Steve has authored such articles as, Fatal Mistakes in Body Armor Maintenance, Don’t Play Russian Roulette with your Body Armor, Misconceptions about Body Armor Warranties, Ten Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Body New Armor.

Steve has sold his product to the United States Army, U.S. Air Force, numerous Police and Sheriff Departments across the United States and in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and Iraq to list a few and is here tonight to answer any questions you may have regarding body armor and maintaining it.

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