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Basic and Theory

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Section One
Introduction to Theory and Basics

Introduction to Police Technology

Computer Basics and Theory

Wireless Basics


Geographic Information Systems

History of Law Enforcement Technology


Module One Helpers

(Updated January 31, 2006)

Helpers hyperlinks are not recommended or Supplemental readings.  Helpers are hyperlinks to major theories, technologies or sciences in the text.  And, most of the helper hyperlinks are multimedia presentations. The purpose of helpers is to provide you with an alternative way of looking at a topic and enhance your learning experience.  If you are not sure you understand something in the text, look to see if there is a helper hyperlink here.

Understanding Community Policing: A Framework for Action, Community Policing Consortium

Situational Crime Prevention Theory, The State University of New Jersey, Crime Prevention Service

Efficiency versus Effectiveness, Hearn, Wendy, Life Tools For Women

Jan's Illustrated Computer Literacy 101

Free Basic Windows Tutorials and Free Training,

The History of the Transistor

How it Works: Radios, Radio Design Group, Inc.

How It Works: Wireless LANs, Radio Design Group, Inc.

Networking 101, INLS 80: Data Communication Networks, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Information and Library Science

Introduction to Basic Networking (National Law Enforcement and Corrections Training Center)

Network Concepts and Terminology, Grogan, Jim, ATN

GIS Resource List

Geographic Information Systems, United States Geological Survey

GIS, (Video)

Projections and Coordinate Systems, GIS Lounge

Internet Resources for Cartographic Information, Maps and Spatial Data, University of Delaware

Maps and Government Information (MGI) Maps and GIS Internet related Resources, Syracuse University

All About GPS, (Multimedia Presentation) Trimble Corporation

The History of Fingerprints

Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System, Federal Bureau of Investigation

How Fingerprint Scanners Work, Harris, Tom, How Stuff Works

Integrating Sociological Research and Theory with Community Orientated Policing, Chappel and Lanza-Kaduce

Technology Definitions and Frequently Asked Questions.

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