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Technology Management

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Section Four
Technology in Police Management

Personnel and Training Technology

Managing and Implementing Technology

Future and Emerging Technologies

The Management of Technology and Innovation: A Strategic Approach (with InfoTrac®)
Margaret A. White  More Info

According to the description of The Management of Technology and Innovation: A Strategic Approach, “This is the best book on the market that addresses the Management of Technology and Innovation. The intellectual content is solid and taken from rigorous research, yet is applicable to all technology in general. Aside the intellectual content, it is a tool that students can use to actively learn about the subject, through exercises, case study, and provoking discussion questions. The theme of the book is consistent cover to cover and the logic of its organization is excellent. I would adopt this text before all others. It poses the fairest treatment of technology management in general rather than being obsessed on one kind of technology. It affords the opportunity to the instructor to do so much more than just lecture. It is truly about the MANAGEMENT of technology, rather than using that important word in a superficial and cavalier way.”

Management of Technology : Managing Effectively in Technology-Intensive Organizations
Hans J. Thamhain  More Info

According to the book description of Management of Technology: Managing Effectively in Technology-Intensive Organizations, “An updated revision of the bestselling leadership book for engineering and technology managers. Knowledge of modern technology management concepts and best practices provides the foundation for effective job performance in technology-driven business environments. Management of Technology discusses cutting-edge management concepts, tools, and techniques that effectively work in today's technology-intensive organizations.

New management tools and techniques play an increasingly important role in every organization for creating quality products, services, and content faster, cheaper, and at a higher quality. Technology crosses virtually all levels and all disciplines of an enterprise. Therefore, the principles of managing technology are relevant not only to people in the traditional engineering-scientific community, but also apply to any organization and business that must effectively deal with the application, integration, and transfer of technology. Financial institutions, government agencies, architectural firms, and healthcare providers are just a few examples of the vast array of organizations that must function effectively in technology-based environments, and therefore be able to manage technology. Specifically, this book features:

Methods for assessing the effectiveness and performance of the organization and its management processes; Insight into the functioning of contemporary work processes, such as concurrent engineering, design-build, integrated product development, and phase-gate processes; Special tools and techniques for effectively managing technology-based projects, including dealing with organizational interfaces from R&D to markets; Discussion of real-world field studies, cases, and best practices; Emphasis on people issues, such as leadership, teamwork, communications, and commitment, throughout the book. Management of Technology is a complete reference book, invaluable for managers and professionals in technology-intensive business environments.”

Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation
Robert Burgelman  More Info

According to the book description of Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation, “The 5th Edition of Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation by Burgelman, Christensen, and Wheelwright continues its unmatched tradition of market leadership, by using a combination of text, readings, and cases to bring to life the latest business research on these critical business challenges. Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation takes the perspective of the general manager at the product line, business unit, and corporate levels. The book not only examines each of these levels in some detail, but also addresses the interaction between the different levels of general management - for example, the fit between product strategy and business unit strategy, and the link between business and corporate level technology strategy. Each part of the book starts with an introductory chapter laying out an overall framework and offering a brief discussion of key tools and findings from existing literature. The remainder of each part offers a selected handful of seminar readings and case studies. Almost all of the cases deal with recent events and situations, including several that are concerned with the impact of the Internet. A few "classics" have been retained, however, because they capture a timeless issue or problem in such a definitive way that the historical date of their writing is irrelevant.”

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