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The following case studies are organized by course module (Text Section):

Module Three (Tactical Information Systems and Technologies)

Technology Talk: Douglas County Sheriffs Response to Computer Crime

Electronic Data Capture for Traffic Safety and Criminal Justice

Module Four (Technology in Police Management)

Police technology : Asia Pacific police technology conference : proceedings of a conference held 12-14 November 1991

The Comprehensive regional Information Management Exchange System: An Information Sharing Success Story

Case Studies in Information Technology Ethics (2nd Edition)
Richard A. Spinello  More Info

According to the book description of Case Studies in Information Technology Ethics, it “is a versatile learning tool that offers a collection of diverse cases to help students and managers reflect on the multi-faceted ethical dilemmas that are emerging in the networked world. This book contains forty-two high-quality and well-researched case studies that address areas such as cybercrime, privacy, intellectual property, and equitable access. Many of these cases illustrate the interplay of strategic objectives with law, public policy. and ethical norms. The text is designed to appeal to all student levels—it is neither too technical for the novice in information technology issues, nor is it too simplistic for those with a more sophisticated background.

New to this Edition: Twenty-two new cases along with new chapters on free speech and interconnectivity issues such as the proper use of hyperlinks and metatags; All cases have been updated where necessary to reflect changes in laws or policies; There is a focus on policy issues, featuring cases on the information infrastructure, open access to the Internet, and the digital divide. There are cases on controversial and current topics such as the Microsoft antitrust trial, Napster and digital music, the AOL Time Warner merger, the FBI's Carnivore technology, and the use of encryption software.”

Ethics in Information Technology
George Reynolds  More Info

Project Management Case Studies
Harold Kerzner Ph.D.  More Info

According to the book description of Project Management Case Studies, “The revised edition of the single-best source of project management case studies. Project Management Case Studies, Second Edition presents the most comprehensive collection of project management case studies available today. Compiled by Harold Kerzner, the leading authority on project management, it offers more than ninety case studies that illustrate both successful implementation of project management by actual companies and pitfalls to avoid in a variety of real-world situations.

Now with twenty-five new case studies, this new edition: Represents a wide range of industries, including medical and pharmaceutical, aerospace, manufacturing, automotive, finance and banking, and telecommunications; Covers cutting-edge areas of construction and international project management; Presents best practices and pitfalls of project management implementation in the real world; and,  Follows and supports preparation for the Project Management Professional (PMP(r)) Certification Exam.

Whether used with the latest edition of Harold Kerzner's landmark reference, Project Management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling, or on its own, Project Management Case Studies, Second Edition is a valuable resource for students, as well as practicing engineers and managers.”

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