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Section Two
Strategic Information Systems and Technologies

Public Safety Dispatch Centers

Criminal Justice Agency Systems

Integrated Criminal Justice Systems

The Internet and Law Enforcement

Criminal Justice and Social Media

Fragmentation and Interoperability

Crime Analysis

 Module Two Helpers

(Updated January 31, 2006)

Helpers hyperlinks are not recommended or Supplemental readings.  Helpers are hyperlinks to major theories, technologies or sciences in the text.  And, most of the helper hyperlinks are multimedia presentations. The purpose of helpers is to provide you with an alternative way of looking at a topic and enhance your learning experience.  If you are not sure you understand something in the text, look to see if there is a helper hyperlink here.

Hard to Find, Is Hard to Save. PowerPoint Presentation on 9-1-1

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and 9-1-1

VoIP and 9-1-1 (FCC Information)

A User's Guide to 9-1-1 for Emergencies

Automatic Vehicle Location System

State Strategies for Accelerating Enhanced 9-1-1 Implementation, National Governor's Association, Center for Best Practices, April 2004

Future E 9-1-1 and Emergency Telecommunications Evolution, Slide Show from NENA

The Intelligent Transportation Systems Public Safety Program: Opportunities for Technological Advancement in Detecting, Responding, and Recovering from Community Emergencies, US Department of Transportation

Homeland Security and ITS: Using Intelligent Transportation Systems to Improve and Support Homeland Security, US Department of Transportation

Crime and Delinquency, Lecture D, Measuring Crime (Slide Show), Starbuck PhD., Gene, Mesa State College

How do Soundexecs work?

Using the Freedom of Act: A Step-by-Step Guide


How We Can Talk Video (Real Video Player) or (Windows Media Player), Justice Information Technology Network

Interoperability (Video), Justice Information Technology Network

Office of Justice Programs, State and Local Justice Integration Initiative (Slide Show), Kendall, Paul and Anne Gardner, June 2000

Nerds 2.01 A Brief History of the Internet


Data-mining to Detect Terrorism, Hawthorne


Data Mining and Terrorism, PowerPoint, Dunham, SMU


Crime Data, O'Connor, T.R. MegaLinks in Criminal Justice (Click cancel when it asks for a password, a few times!)

What Are Economies of Scale?, Heakal, Reem, Investopedia,  January  2003

International Association of Crime Analysts Articles and Resources.

Probability and Statistics

Journey After Crime: How Far and to Which Direction do they Go? (PowerPoint Presentation), Yongmie Lui, PhD., Texas State University

Geographic Information Analysis: From GIS to GIA The Science of the System Applying Animal Movement Analysis Techniques to the Study of Crime Sean Bair, Program Manager Crime Mapping & Analysis Program

The Ten Commandments of Crime Analysis, Christopher W. Bruce, Crime Analyst, Danvers (MA) Police Department

Sample Crime Bulletins


Manual of Crime Analysis Map Production, Department of Justice, Community Orientated Policing Service


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