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Law Enforcement Intelligence and Training Information

Practical Firearm Concepts

Firearm Training Terms

Training the SWAT Mind

Effective Simulation Training

Promotion and Hiring

Eleven Tactics for Oral Interviews

Five Tactics for Civil Service Multiple Choice Tests

The Strategy of Preparing for Promotion

Tools for Success: Preparing for Assessment Centers

Just What Are Assessment Centers?

Assessment Centers Exercises

Becoming a Police Detective

Why a Degree in Criminal Justice?


Defining Leadership

Small Unit Leadership: Part II "The Jump Start."

Change in Public Safety Organizations: Its a Cultural Thing

Morale: whose job is it anyway?

 Leadership Issues: Managing Change

Ethics: How Essential Is It?

Organizational Management


Terrorism Organizational and Communication Strategies

 Terrorism: Crime or Asymmetrical Warfare?

Needs Assessment

Lessons Learned Overseas

Lessons Learned Overseas: Police Technologies for Counterterrorism

Hate Speech

Al Qaeda Training Manual

Policing and Terror

Suspicious Cell Phone Purchases

Terrorism, safety and situational awareness

Countering Insurgency in a Foreign Land

The National Response Plan: A Local Perspective


Electronic Crime Scene Investigations

AIS Simulator


Tailored Technology

High Definition Surveying

Integrated Driving and Use of Force Simulation Training Becomes Reality

TASER Guidelines

Computer Forensics

Virtual Crime Scene Investigation

Cop Cars: From Buck Boards to Buck Rodgers

Why Personal Cyber Security is Essential

General Criminal Justice Online Information

Who has Your Number?

Snuff Country

Your Child is Missing

Investigation of Missing Persons

Online Poker and Fraud

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