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        CrimeWeb Network provides email, text and cell phone alerts to citizens nationwide using the Internet.  Since the CrimeWeb.Net alert system first went online in July 2001, dozens of law enforcement agencies have used the site to distribute and receive critical and routine information to and from tens of thousands of citizens registered on the site.  To date, the system has delivered nearly 3 million alert notifications throughout every state in the nation.


              Captain Bob Piccioni, Mesquite (Texas) Police Department, began developing the system in 1997 while attending the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.  CrimeWeb utilizes a proprietary (patent pending) zip code algorithm to allow law enforcement agencies to send information to citizens using a variety of distribution options.  Alerts can be sent to numerous specific zip codes, to a radius of up to 99 miles around a specific zip code and/or to all users located geographically between two zip codes.  This method of distribution allows any agency, regardless of size, to instantly issue alerts anywhere in the nation.


            Citizens register on the CrimeWeb. Net site free of charge to receive alerts from the zip codes they specify.  In addition to the zip code engine, the CrimeWeb system is unique in that it offers the following:


1. Customized alerts that features the logo of the issuing police agency

2. The ability to add up to five images to each alert.

3. A configurable feedback link, which allows citizens to send information directly
    back to any email address, specified when the alert is created.

4. A mobile application (also completely web based) which allows the uploading of
    pictures directly from the scene of an incident (missing child, etc) to the
    CrimeWeb site.  The alert can then be distributed anywhere in the country
    directly from the field.

5. Spanish translation of each alert sent, if desired.

6. Automatic tracking and management of alerts.

7. The ability for citizens to map each alert with a click of a button.

8. An alert counter that indicates how many citizens actually received each alert.

9. A Beat feature which allows agencies to issue alerts to specific police beats or

10. A Groups feature which allows alerts to be issued to specific user groups such as Schools, Hospitals, etc.


            CrimeWeb is professionally hosted at a major national hosting facility that features redundant power sources, a professionally managed firewall and 24/7 monitoring of all mail and web servers which comprise the system.  The CrimeWeb hardware/software currently has the ability to issue over 150,000 alert notifications every 15 minutes.  The system is highly scaleable and additional capacity can be added as needed.

             To date, dozens of law enforcement agencies in several states have signed up to use CrimeWeb.  Tens of thousands of citizens have also taken advantage of the free registration.  Colleges and Universities have found CrimeWeb to be particularly valuable due to the fact that parents can register to receive alerts from the zip codes where their children attend school, regardless of where the parent resides. 

             CrimeWeb charges a small fee (based on population served) for police agencies to join the system.  The fee beings at only $500.00 per year for small agencies. The system is completely web based so there is never a charge for upgrades or software.  All that is needed to begin using the system is a computer with an Internet connection. For more information visit the CrimeWeb site at www.CrimeWeb.Net.

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