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Mass Transit Law Enforcement

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Recommended readings on law enforcement in Mass Transit

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Emergency Preparedness for Transit Terrorism

A Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP) compiling reviews of preparedness of transit systems in North American. In addition to the survey results, there is a discussion concerning the response to and management of acts of terrorism.


Visibility and Vigilance: Metro's Situational Approach to Preventing Subway Crime

A November 1997,  National Institute for Justice (NIJ)  "Research in Brief" by Nancy G. LaVigne reviewing the relationship between the design and management of the Washington DC Transit System and Crime.

Policing Transportation Facilities
Henry I. Degeneste  More Info
price: $48.95

The Crime Fighter : Putting the Bad Guys Out of Business
Jack Maple  More Info
price: $10.47

Policing Mass Transit: A Comprehensive Approach to Designing a Safe, Secure, and Desirable Transit Policing and Management System
Kurt R. Nelson  More Info
price: $53.95

Preventing Mass Transit Crime (Crime Prevention Studies, 6)
Ronald V. Clarke  More Info
price: $37.50

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