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Recommended readings on Gang Investigations

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Gang Intelligence Manual : Identifying And Understanding Modern-Day Violent Gangs In The United States
Bill Valentine  More Info

East Side Stories: Gang Life in East LA
Joseph Rodriguez  More Info

Gangbangers : Understanding The Deadly Minds Of America's Street Gangs
Loren W. Christensen  More Info

Lessons from a Gang Cop
Tony Moreno  More Info

Gang Investigations: A Street Cop's Guide
Watkins  More Info

Gangs And Their Tattoos : Identifying Gangbangers On The Street And In Prison
Bill Valentine  More Info
price: $17.50

Monster : Autobiography of an L.A. Gang Member, The
Sanyika Shakur  More Info
price: $11.16

Street Gang Awareness: A Resource Guide for Parents and Professionals
Steven L. Sachs  More Info
price: $12.95

Gangs: Stories of Life and Death from the Streets (Adrenaline Series)
Sean Donahue  More Info
price: $12.57

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