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Recommended readings on Community Policing

Community Policing: Classical Readings
Willard M. Oliver  More Info

21st Century Guide to COPS: Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) at the U.S. Justice Department ?? Police Guides, Application Kits, Guide for Police Problem Solvers, Grant Monitoring Standards, Guidebooks for Law Enforcement
U.S. Government  More Info

Policing the Community: A Guide for Patrol Operations
P. J. Ortmeier  More Info

COP Talk : Essential Communication Skills for Community Policing
Virginia V. Kidd  More Info

Policing Communities: Understanding Crime and Solving Problems
Ronald Glensor  More Info

Problem-Oriented Policing and Crime Prevention
Anthony A. Braga  More Info

Community Policing: Can It Work
Wesley G. Skogan  More Info

21st Century Policing: Community Policing: A Guide for Police Officers and Citizens
Steven L. Rogers  More Info

Community Policing : A Handbook for Beat Cops and Supervisors
Howard Rahtz  More Info

Problem-Oriented Policing
Herman Goldstein  More Info

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