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The Path of the Warrior: An Ethical Guide to Personal and Professional Development in the Field of Criminal Justice
Larry F., Ph.D. Jetmore  More Info

First Responder: A Skills Approach
Daniel Limmer  More Info

To Protect and to Serve: A History of Police in America
Robert C. Wadman  More Info

The Rights of Law Enforcement Officers
Will Aitchison  More Info

Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction, Fifth Edition
Frank Schmalleger  More Info

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Recommended readings for Criminal Justice Line Employees

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Deadly Force Encounters : What Cops Need To Know To Mentally And Physically Prepare For And Survive A Gunfight
Loren W. Christensen  More Info

COP Talk : Essential Communication Skills for Community Policing
Virginia V. Kidd  More Info

Terrorism Response: Field Guide for Law Enforcement Package
Paul M. Maniscalco  More Info

21st Century Policing: Community Policing: A Guide for Police Officers and Citizens
Steven L. Rogers  More Info

The Thinker's Toolkit : 14 Powerful Techniques for Problem Solving
Morgan D. Jones  More Info

Who Moved My Cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in Your Work and in Your Life
Spencer Johnson  More Info

Gangbangers : Understanding The Deadly Minds Of America's Street Gangs
Loren W. Christensen  More Info

The American Bar Association Guide to Workplace Law : Everything You Need to Know About Your Rights as an Employee or Employer
American Bar Association  More Info

The U.S. Constitution for Everyone
Jerome Agel  More Info

The Bill of Rights
R. Conrad Stein  More Info

Better Police Ethics: A Practical Guide
Peter Villiers  More Info

Stoning the Keepers at the Gate: Society's Relationship with Law Enforcement
Lawrence N., Ph.D. Blum  More Info

Community Policing: A Contemporary Perspective
Robert C. Trojanowicz  More Info

Enforcing Ethics: A Scenario-Based Workbook for Police and Corrections Recruits, Officers and Supervisors, Second Edition
Debbie J. Goodman  More Info

Every Officer is a Leader: Transforming Leadership in Police, Justice, and Public Safety
Terry D. Anderson  More Info

Techniques of Crime Scene Investigation
Barry A. J. Fisher  More Info

Cop: The Truth Behind the Badge
Ric Robinson  More Info

Writing for Law Enforcement
John Hess  More Info

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