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Recommended readings on police and law enforcement tactics

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Tactical Pistol Marksmanship: How to Improve Your Combat Shooting Skills
Gabriel Suarez  More Info
price: $14.00

Tactical Advantage : A Definitive Study Of Personal Small-Arms Tactics
Gabriel Suarez  More Info
price: $15.40

Tactical Pistol : Advanced Gunfighting Concepts And Techniques
Gabriel Suarez  More Info
price: $17.50

Tactical Emergency Care: Military and Operational Out-of-Hospital Medicine
Robert A. De Lorenzo  More Info
price: $64.00

Swat Leadership and Tactical Planning : The Swat Operator's Guide to Combat Law Enforcement
Tony L. Jones  More Info

Defense Tactics for Law Enforcement: Weaponless Defense and Control and Baton Techniques
Bruce Tegner  More Info

Modern Law Enforcement Weapons and Tactics
Tom Ferguson  More Info

Modern Law Enforcement Weapons & Tactics
Patrick Sweeney  More Info

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