Subjects in the Combat Studies Institute list of readings on military professional development and leadership:

General Studies
Ancient History
War in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
The Era of Fredrick II and Napoleon

Civil War
The British Empire
World War I

J. F. C. Fuller and B. H. Liddell Hart
World War II
Korean War
Modern Warfare
Vietnam War
Falkland Island War
Arab-Israeli Wars

The Nuclear Age
The Moral Effects of Combat

Russian and Soviet Military History
East Asian Military History
Sea Power
Air Power
The Press


Combat Studies Institute - Korean War

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East of Chosin: Entrapment and Breakout in Korea

Appleman, a retired U.S. Army officer and expert on the Korean War, has written an excellent tactical and operational account about the 3,000 soldiers from the U.S. Army's 7th Infantry Division who fought a Korean War battle on the eastern side of the Chosin Reservoir in subzero weather.


This Kind of War: The Classic Korean War History

A popular history of the Korean War written from the perspective of the small ground unit, this book relates numerous company-size actions and provides an excellent view of the Korean War at the tactical level.


The Korean War: Volume 1: Pusan to Chosin: An Oral History

Using the words of American soldiers obtained by the author in oral interviews, this book describes the first six months of combat in Korea in 1950.


Pork Chop Hill: The American Fighting Man in Action, Korea, Spring, 1953

S. L. A. Marshall, author, newspaper correspondent, and brigadier general, chronicles small-unit actions of the night war in Korea. His vivid tactical detail of ridgeline combat is a tribute to the American soldier of the Korean War.


Bridges at Toko Ri

Michener, the famous American novelist who served in the Navy in the South Pacific during World War II, provides an elegant, brief, and tightly written novel about naval aviators and their mission to destroy enemy bridges during the Korean War.


The Korean War: How We Met the Challenge : How All-Out Asian War Was Averted : Why Macarthur Was Dismissed : Why Today's War Objectives Must Be Limi

General Matthew B. Ridgway, who was commander of the Eighth Army and later supreme commander of the United Nations force in Korea, explains how he rebuilt his army and led it to conduct successful operations. He offers a careful analysis of General MacArthur's dismissal, which he felt was absolutely necessary, and concludes the book with a discussion of the lessons of the Korean War as applied to U.S. involvement in Vietnam

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