Subjects in the Combat Studies Institute list of readings on military professional development and leadership:

General Studies
Ancient History
War in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
The Era of Fredrick II and Napoleon

Civil War
The British Empire
World War I

J. F. C. Fuller and B. H. Liddell Hart
World War II
Korean War
Modern Warfare
Vietnam War
Falkland Island War
Arab-Israeli Wars

The Nuclear Age
The Moral Effects of Combat

Russian and Soviet Military History
East Asian Military History
Sea Power
Air Power
The Press


Combat Studies Institute - The Nuclear Age

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Strategy in the Missile Age

America's foremost nuclear strategist presents an analysis and synthesis of the major strategic ideas of the atomic age. This book is directed to military officers and political leaders.


War and Politics

This excellent collection of essays by a brilliant nuclear strategic thinker provides a good introduction to Brodie's thought and writings.


On Thermonuclear War.

Kahn's study is a heavy book on a heavy subject by a heavy author. Containing a series of lectures based on work done at the Rand Corporation, this dated and difficult to read book is historically important for setting the parameters for debates on nuclear warfare.


The Wizards of Armageddon (Stanford Nuclear Age Series)

In this very readable story of the strategists of the nuclear age, Kaplan weaves together the work of strategic thinkers, military officers, and defense officials. He also evaluates the birth and work of the Rand Corporation.

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