Subjects in the Combat Studies Institute list of readings on military professional development and leadership:

General Studies
Ancient History
War in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance
The Era of Fredrick II and Napoleon

Civil War
The British Empire
World War I

J. F. C. Fuller and B. H. Liddell Hart
World War II
Korean War
Modern Warfare
Vietnam War
Falkland Island War
Arab-Israeli Wars

The Nuclear Age
The Moral Effects of Combat

Russian and Soviet Military History
East Asian Military History
Sea Power
Air Power
The Press


Combat Studies Institute - J.F.C. Fuller and B.H. Liddell Hart

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Liddell Hart: A Study of His Military Thought

A careful analysis of Liddell Hart's thought and writings by a friend and pupil, this work is not a biography.


The British Army and the Theory of Armored Warfare, 1918-1940

Professor Larson's prize-winning book traces the development of the controversy surrounding armored warfare through the interwar years. Well written and thorough, his comprehensive study highlights the different ideas of Fuller and Liddell Hart and describes the British experiments with tanks in the 1930s.



In this survey of world military history, Liddell Hart, the "Captain who taught Generals," emphasizes his theory of the indirect approach. As Britain's most famous military journalist, his theories and writings have influenced many armed forces.


The Tank Pioneers

Macksey provides an interesting evaluation of the development of armor during the interwar period. He focuses on personalities but also includes studies of doctrine and technology.


"Boney" Fuller: Soldier, Strategist, and Writer 1878-1966 (Great War Stories)

This is a splendid biography of the life and work of a creative

 military thinker


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