The Role of Criminal Justice in Terrorism
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Module Three

(Response to Terrorism)




1.    Understanding Terrorism (Poland)

        a.    Chapter Three: Violence and Terrorism: The Role of the Mass Media

        b.    Chapter Nine: Counterterrorist Measures: The Response

2.  Terrorism (Snowden & Whitsel)

        a.    Chapter Four: The Diplomacy of Counterterrorism: Lessons Learned, Lessons


        b.    Chapter Nine: Interpol and the Policing of International Terrorism:

               Developments and Dynamics since September 11.

        c.    Chapter Nineteen: Planning for Campus Security after September 11: One

               University's Experience

        d.    Chapter Twenty: Post 9/11: Are we Really Safer Now?

3.    The National Response Plan is available on the internet.


1.         Lecture

2.         Work on panel project

3.         Paper two

4.         Online forum participation


Paper Two
Using the readings and your own research, complete a 4-6 page analysis of how technology has changed terrorism.  Consider comparing and contrasting pre-1970 terrorism with post-1970 terrorism.  How has technology changed the terrorist’s targets and methods? How has technology changed their ability to transmit their messages to other members and the public? 


Participation Assignment


Go to the Criminal Justice Online forum and post this threaded discussion.


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