The Role of Criminal Justice in Terrorism
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Module One

(Defining Terrorism)




1. Understanding Terrorism (Poland)

    a.    Chapter One: Concepts of Terror and Terrorism

    b.    Chapter Two: Historical Antecedents of Terrorism and Violence

    c.    Chapter Five: Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations: The "A List."

2.  Terrorism (Snowden & Whitsel)

    a.    Chapter One: Identity and the Terrorist Threat: An Interpretive and Explanatory


    b.    Chapter Two: The Changing Face of American Terrorism

    c.    Chapter Five: Implementing Justice through Terror and Destruction: Ecoterror's

           Violent Agenda to "Save" Nature.

    d.    Chapter Ten: The Right to Revise History:  The Institute for Historical Review

    e.    Chapter Fourteen: Zealous Before the Lord: The Construction of Christian Identity



1.      Course orientation

2.      Video Battle of Algiers

3.      Online forum participation

4.      Panel formation and topic selection

5.      Selection of individual presentations

6.      Lecture

7.      Roundtable discussion on video

8.      Paper one


Paper One
Using the readings and your own research, complete a 4-6 page paper.  Explore the various definitions of terrorism.  What definition would you use?  As you complete your paper, consider the following questions: What are the strengths of your definition of terrorism?  What are the weaknesses?  Is terrorism a military problem or a criminal justice problem?  How does your definition cover state terror, state involvement in terror, state sponsorship of terror and stateless terrorist groups?  What, if any, theories on violence, particularly political violence support your definition?  How is your definition shaped by your own cultural, political and social views?


Participation Assignment


Go to the Criminal Justice Online forum and post:


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2.     Click here to find the first threaded discussion assignment.

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