The Role of Criminal Justice in Terrorism
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Module Four

(Future and Emerging Trends)




1.    Understanding Terrorism (Poland)

        a.    Chapter Four: The Palestine Question and Al Qaeda

        b.    Chapter Ten: The Future of Terrorism

 2.   Terrorism (Snowden & Whitsel)

        a.    Chapter Eleven: New Age Groups and Public Order

        b.    Chapter Fifteen: Security-Threat Groups: The Threats Posed by

               White-Supremacist Organizations

        c.    Chapter Seventeen: Extremism in the Military: The Burmeister Case and

               Policy Response.

        d.    Chapter Eighteen: Rural Radical Religion: Christian Identity Movement

               and Community Militias.


1.         Lecture

2.         Work on panel project

3.         Panel discussion

4.         Panel written report

5.         Online forum participation


Group Project

The group project involves an analysis of an active terrorist group. Using the Country Reports on Terrorism and Patterns of Global Terrorism, United States Department of State, 2006, your group should choose a designated terrorist group for analysis. There are two parts to the final project. First, your group must prepare a comprehensive written analysis of the group. At a minimum, this 8-10 page report should address the group history, structure, organization, current activities and major goals of the group. Additionally, the report should consider counterterrorism policies, strategies or tactics that are being or should be employed against the group; and, focus on criminal justice responses to the group. In addition to the written report, your group should prepare a 30 minute panel discussion on the group you choose.


Participation Assignment


Go to the Criminal Justice Online forum and post your final discussion question here.




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