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A management of information systems course would be core to a criminal justice degree.

Public Organizations

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Module One

Required Readings:
Police Technology, Chapters one through five and Chapter twenty.
                        Note: These five chapters are designed to give the learner a basic
                                   understanding of computer hardware and software.
Rocheleau, Chapters One, two and three
                        Note: Information on accessing the Gary Library is available via the
                                  course resource page.

Recommended Readings:
Foster, R. (2005). Needs Assessment.


1. Complete a 2-3 page report, comparing the structure and nature of the Web sites of
     pubic and private organizations. Are there any systematic differences?
2. Answer the following questions:
        A. How meaningful does the concept of alignment between technology and
             organizational goals seem to you?
        B. Information technology plans vary in their degree of comprehensiveness. What
            components of an information technology plan seem most important to you,
            and why?
        C. What factors would influence your decision to purchases commercial-off-the-
             shelf  hardware or software as opposed to having hardware and software
             specifically  designed for an organization?
        D. Which Components of a Needs Assessment do you find most useful?
        E. Describe the process and purpose of Business Plan Reengineering (BPR).
3. Participate in the threaded discussion per the website instructions.

Go to the Criminal Justice Degree Forum and post, in the section, Introduction "Union Learners - Spring 2006." 


1.      Register and create a user name that is your first initial, last name, and the word
         "Union."  If I  were creating that user name I would be rfosterunion.

2.      Post in the introduction:

         A. Something about yourself - remember this is an open source forum.

         B. Your course expectations

         C. How you see your course work impacting your career.

3.     After you have posted, you must respond to a post made by another Union

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