A management of information systems course would be core to a criminal justice degree.

Data Management

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Module Four

Required Readings:
Rocheleau, Chapters ten and eleven


1. As your final project, conduct a data inventory for some part of an organization
    (this could range from the entire organization, to a department, to a sub-unit, or
    even the information gathered by a single employee).
    A. List all of the data elements that are gathered for the formal information system.
    B. Identify how each data element is used and whether there are any data elements
        that appear to be unused.
    C. Are there any data needs that are unmet?
    D. Are these data reliable and valid? How do you know?
2. Participate in the threaded discussion per the website instructions.

Go to the Criminal Justice Degree Forum and post, in the section, Criminal Justice Online Advisor "Union Learners - Spring 2006." 

1.     How does what you have learned thus far apply to your career?

2.     How does this course integrate with your other or previous course work?

3.    After you have posted, you must respond to a post made by another Union

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