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Fifth Unit

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If you course is a five unit course, this assignment is for you!  The book The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver is a murder story with an interesting twist; the murderer is a gamer and hacker, or perhaps, as you have learned in this course a cracker.  For this assignment, get a copy of Deavers book (Click on the image and you will be magically taken to  After you have completed the other readers, read Deaver.  Submit, along with your final paper from module four a 4-6 page review of Deavers book. 



Based on your studies:

  1. Critique his history of the Internet and the development of Internet  related crime.  What did he get right?  Did he get anything wrong?

  2. Ignore most of the law enforcement investigative tactics, etc.  Deaver tells you he took license there to make the story work.  Explore the concept of social engineering as he lays it out in the book.  Do a little research, say 3 or 4 other academic sources on social engineering.  What is it?  How does it work with computer crime?  How does it work with other crime?  How can law enforcement combat it and how do we use it?

  3. Finally, use the Deavers book to reflect back on your learning.  How much of the book would have been foggy to you if you hadnt taken this course?

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