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computer crime virus and trojan protection

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Module Four


Required Readings:

1. Computer Evidence Processing Steps  New Technologies, Inc.

2. Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime

    a. Chapter Thirteen: Conclusions and Future Issues

3. Police Technology

    a. Chapter Twenty-one: Emerging and Future Technologies.


Recommended Readings:

1. How to Report Internet Crime Computer Crime and Intellectual Property
    Section,  Department of Justice, 


(Note: Assignment due dates are listed on the course homepage)


Written Assignments


During the course, the learners should develop a topic about computer crime.  The learner should contact the instructor shortly after the mid-term paper and have the topic approved for the final paper.  The paper should be 7-10 double spaced pages in length and include a minimum of five sources. 


Hint: Superior work (an A grade) is considered to include sourcing from academic, peer reviewed journals and formatted according to an accepted APA style.


Participation Assignment


Go to the Criminal Justice Online forum and post your final discussion question here.




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