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Module Two


Required Readings:

1. Police Technology
    a. Chapter Sixteen:  Hi-Tech Crime
2. Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime

    a. Chapter Three: History of Crime and Computer Crime

    b. Chapter Four: Computer Crimes: Computer as Targets - Hacking and Beyond

    c. Chapter Five: Avenues for Prosecution and Government Efforts

    d. Chapter Six: Applying the First Amendment to Computer-Related Crime

    e. Chapter Seven: The Fourth Amendment

3. Recovering and Examining Computer Forensic Evidence Forensic Science

    Communications, Federal Bureau of Investigations, October 2000
Searching/Seizing Computers/Obtaining Electronic Evidence  in Invest

    Department of Justice, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, July
     a. Part One Searching and Seizing Computers without a warrant.
     b. Part Two Searching and Seizing Computers with a warrant.

Recommended Readings:

1. Police Technology
    a. Chapter Eleven Information Exchange
Its Not Just Fun and War Games Juveniles and Computer Crime Department of

    Justice, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, 2001
3. High Technology Crime Investigators Handbook
    a. Chapter One The Changing World An Introduction to High Technology Crime

4. Definitions/Guidelines for the Use of Imaging Tech in the CJ System Forensic

    Science Communications, Federal Bureau of Investigations, October 1999
Identify Theft: The Crime of the New Millennium
Department of Justice, Computer

   Crime and Intellectual Property Section, March 2001
Searching/Seizing Computers/Obtaining Electronic Evidemce Investigations

   Department of Justice, Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section, July

   a. Part Three The Electronic Communications Privacy Act.


(Note: Assignment due dates are listed on the course homepage)

Written Assignments

Based on your readings thus far and additional research conducted on your own, prepare a eight to ten page

mid-term paper with at least four different sources that describes one aspect of high technology or computer

crime.  At a minimum, in that paper discuss:
1. The technology used by offenders.
2. The impact of the crime.
3. The technology used to investigate


Participation Assignment


Go to the Criminal Justice Online forum you will find the second threaded discussion question here.


HInt:: Superior work (an A grade) will include sources from academic, peer reviewed journals; be properly formatted and sourced in APA style.

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  Important Note: After the completion of your mid-term assignment, contact the
                                instructor to discuss your final project.

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