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computer crime virus and trojan protection

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Module One


Required Readings:

1. Police Technology (Foster)
    a. Chapter Two:  Computer Basics
    b. Chapter Three:  Wireless Communications
    c. Chapter Four:  Network Communications
    d. Chapter Ten: The Internet and Law Enforcement

3. Computer Forensics and Cyber Crime (Britz)

    a. Chapter One:  Introduction

    b. Chapter Two: Computer Terminology and History

2. Electronic Crime Scene Investigation A Guide for First Responders

   United States Department of Justice, Department of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice

Recommended Readings:

 Cybercops in Training National Institute of Justice, Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center, Techbeat Magazine, Winter 2004

2. Police Technology
    a. Chapter Five Geographic Information Systems
    b. Chapter Eight Agency Systems


(Note: Assignment due dates are listed on the course homepage)


Written Assignments


1. Complete a two or three paragraph answer to each discussion question

    one, three and  four in Chapter Four of Police Technology.

2. Write a two or three page review of Electronic Crime Scene Investigations.
     Superior papers will be formatted appropriately and include independent  
     research conducted by the learner.


Participation Assignment


Go to the Criminal Justice Online forum and post:


1.      Register and create a user name that is your first initial, last name, and the
         word  "Union."  If I  were creating that user name I would be rfosterunion.

2.     Click here to find the first threaded discussion assignment.

3.      After you have posted, you must respond to a post made by another Union     


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