criminal justice online and police misconduct. police work is dangerous.  A routine arrest may suddenly turn into a violent confrontation, sometimes triggered by drugs, alcohol or mental illness.  The right to use force carries heavy responsibilities. There are many factors contributing to police abuse and misconduct.  One is the lack of leadership, supervission and training on the part of police managers, leaders and supervisors.  Another contributing factor is the police subculture.  When police officers

Christopher Commission Report on the Los Angeles Police Department - Download your copy

The police subculture is impacted and developed by ten factors, the police may view themselves as the real crime fighters, the police may believe no one understands their job, police officers have a great deal of loyalty to each other, police may bend the rules to fight crime (noble cause theory), police officers may believe that no one understands them, their is a bias toward patrol and detectives, law enforcement is dangerous, there is a great deal of secrecy in policing, especially with the concepts

Knoll Report on the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department - Download your free copy

secrecy concepts like need to know and right to know separate the police from other government agencies. The police are also insullated from other groups.  Sometimes, the contextual environment helps the police to exercise discretion more appropriately.   Other factors affect discretion (do i intervene, what do I do, how to I act) like legal factors.  Research indicates that the seriousness of the crime decreases police discretion.  However, the police officers perception on the seriousness of the crime may

The Mollen Report on the New York Police Department (NYPD), download your copy

Every criminal justice program should include a course on police corruption and misconduct.

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