Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
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Every criminal justice program should include a course on police corruption and misconduct.


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Course Requirements:


The following responsibilities apply to all students:

1.                  Attend class and take notes.

2.                  Read and be prepared to discuss the assigned readings by the dates identified in the course syllabus.

3.                  Prepare seven 2-3 page analysis of the seven assigned articles.

4.                  Participate in Panel Discussion as directed by the instructor, including the group preparation of a 3-4 page hand-out.

5.                  Prepare a 10 minute presentation on a website assigned by the instructor.  During the presentation, provide each of your classmates (and the instructor) with a one page briefing paper on the website.

6.                  Participate in class activities and discussions.

Examinations  There are no examination in this class.


Papers – The article analysis papers are to be submitted per the course schedule on the last page of this syllabus.  Late papers will lose one letter grade  each day they are late. Papers are to be double spaced, using 12 point font.  The use of APA style is strongly encouraged.  As the course progresses, superior papers will incorporate concepts and references from earlier papers. Each paper counts as 5% of a students overall grade.


Extra Credit – No extra credit is available for this course.


 Attendance - Within the university setting, students are expected to attend class on a regular basis and participate in topic discussion to enhance the overall learning experience. As participation is directly related to attendance and this is an intensive and time-abbreviated course, students missing more than one class session will not receive any credit for attendance/participation.  Attendance will be recorded by a class roster that will be passed among the students during each class.  It is the student’s responsibility to sign the roster.


Participation – Class participation is 15% of the student’s final grade.  Participation will be measured by the use of a “student participation log,” their attendance and their participation during class discussions.  The participation log is available for download at the course website.  The students are expected to obtain the log and keep a record of their participation.  The log must be submitted on the final day of instruction.  Online participation is 10% of the students final grade. Online participation will be posting of comments and replies to comments about the movie Serpico and the three guest speakers.  Superior participation will be determined by the insight of the question or comment, and by the student’s responses to other student postings.  Postings are due with 24 hours of the movie and each of the presentations.


Website Review – On the course website there are hyperlinks to a number of sources about police misconduct.  Each student will be assigned a website.  The student will review the website and prepare a ten minute presentation on the contents; and, provide each student with a one page executive summary of the website.


Panel Discussions - On the first day of class students will be divided into four panels.  Each panel will be assigned a special commission report or research report on police misconduct.  The panel, as a group, will conduct an analysis of the report and digest the information into a presentation for the class.  In addition to the presentation, the panel will produce a three to four page executive briefing for each class member.  Panel discussions will be graded on thoroughness, insightfulness, incorporation of other assigned readings and independent research, participation by all panel members, questions and comments generated by the class. More information on the structure and expectations of panel discussions will be delivered on the first day of instruction. 


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