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Suggest an online resource regarding community policing.

United States Department of Justice, Community Orientated Policing Services (COPS)

This website provides a good overview of Community Orientated Policing, funding opportunities and it publishes problem solving guides for police agencies.  There are currently 19 different problem solving guides, offering information and advice on subjects ranging from Rave Parties and The Use and Abuse of 9-1-1.


Community Policing: National Survey Update of Police and Sheriffs' Departments
Online, searchable data from 1,110 police agencies nationwide that have implemented community policing, based on a 1997 national survey of community policing sponsored by NIJ, with additional funding from COPS. Search by agency type and size, and generate reports about the nature of the community policing programs implemented.


Virtual Block Clubs

A PowerPoint Presentation by the National Executive Institute Associates

Community Policing Books

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