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Online Guide to Terrorism

The Naval Post Graduate School

One of the most comprehensive source listings available.


The Terrorism Research Center

The Terrorism Research Center (TRC) conducts research into terrorism and terrorism related subjects.  In addition to analysis of terrorism trends and counter-terrorism efforts, the TRC, through its website, offers information on information warfare and infrastructure protection.  It includes a searchable knowledge database on articles, policy analysis and reference materials

A guide to current and past uses of the Internet and other electronic media by hate groups.
A listing of books commercially available for purchase over the Internet

Emergency Preparedness for Transit Terrorism

This Transit Cooperative Research Program synthesis of transit practice reviews preparedness at North American transit systems in light of recent incidents and emerging threats. Includes survey results and a discussion of response and management concerns for terrorism and quasi-terrorist threats at transit systems.


Terrorism Prevention Center

Homeland Security

Terrorism Course

MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Database

Department of Homeland Security

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