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Required Text and Readings

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Required Readings:

 (The following text is available at the Titan Bookstore)

Peak, Kenneth (2005) Policing America: Methods, Issues and Challenges, New Jersey: Prentice Hall 5/e

 (The following are available online click the reading)

Community Policing: A Framework for Action (1994) Bureau of Justice Assistance, NCJ 148457

Crime Scene Investigation: A Guide for Law Enforcement (2000) National Institute for Justice


D. Ovido, Robert, M.S. and James Doyle (2003) A Study on Cyberstalking: Understanding Investigative Hurdles, FBI Magazine, Vol.72 No. 3


Farrow, Joe and Trac Pham (2003) Citizen Oversight of Law Enforcement: Challenge and Opportunity, The Police Chief, vol. 70, no. 10


Gaffigan, Stephen J. and Phyliss P. McDonald, Ed.D, (1997) Police Integrity, Public Service with Honor, Department of Justice, NCJ 163811


Law Enforcement Management and Administrative Statistics: Local Police Departments (2000), Bureau of Justice Statistics


McCorkle, Richard C. (2004) Gambling and Crime Among Arrestees: Exploring the Link, National Institute for Justice, NCJ 196677


Maguire, Edward R. and Craig D. Uchida (2000) Measurement and Explanation in the Comparative Study of American Police Organizations, National Criminal Justice Referral Service


Nason, John T. (2004) Conducting Surveillance Operations How to Get the Most Out of Them, FBI Magazine, Vol. 73 No. 5


Principles for Promoting Police Integrity: Examples of promising Police Practices and Policies (2001) Department of Justice


Whitcomb, Debra (2002) Prosecutors, Kids and Domestic Violence, National Institute for Justice Journal No. 248


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