What is a Hero?: The American Heroes Press Short Story Anthology
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Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
Andrew J. Harvey  More Info

Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph
Richard Botkin  More Info

Law enforcement official benefit from a criminal justice degree.

Course Calendar

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22-Jan Week One    
  Course Orientation, Intro to policing and history    
  History, exploring law, policy and procedure CH1 Peak Community Policing CH2
Feb-29 Week Two    
  Police Roles, Functions and Organizations CH2 Peak LEMAS 2000
  Overview, organization, administration and management CH4 Peak  
5-Feb Week Three    
  Organization, administration and management     Police Organizations P492-514
  Federal, State and Local Agencies Website Presentation    
12-Feb Week Four    
   Local Uniformed Patrol, Issue Paper Selection Due CH5 Peak  
  Local Police Uniformed Patrol, Issue Paper Orientation    
19-Feb Week Five    
  Criminal Investigations CH7 Peak  
  Exam One, Crime Scenes and Forensics   Crime Scene Part A & B
26-Feb Week Six    
  Police and the Use of Force CH9 Peak Citizen Oversight CH1
  Police Sub-culture, Corruption I CH3 Peak  Police Integrity CH2
5-Feb Week Seven    
  Police Corruption II CH10Peak  Police Integrity CH5
  Civil Liability CH11 Peak  
12-Mar Week Eight    
  The Police and Problem Solving CH6, 8 Peak  
  Community Policing I, Review for Mid- Term    Community Policing CH3
19-Mar Week Nine    
  Exam Two - Mid Term    
  Community Policing II    
26-Mar Week Ten Spring Recess, No Class    
2-Apr Week Eleven    
  Police - Community Relations     
  Crime Analysis    
9-Apr Week Twelve    
  Domestic Violence/Sex Crimes   Domestic Violence Cases
  Traffic Enforcement    
16-Apr Week Thirteen    
  Major Incident/Disaster Response    
  Exam Three   Gambling/Crime
23-Apr Week Fourteen    
  Comparative Policing Systems I Peak CH 13  
  Comparative Policing Systems II    
30-Apr Week Fifteen    
  Issue Paper Due, Technology - General Systems CH14 Peak Cyberstalking
  Technology - Electronic Surveillance, PATRIOT ACT   Surveillance
7-May Week Sixteen    
  Future Issues and Trends CH12/15 Peak  
  Course Review    
14-May Week Seventeen - Final Per Schedule    

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