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Writing Resources:


Punctuations - The Use of Commas

Quick links to Research Writing using the APA style (American Psychological Assn.) Beware! The more writing youre going to be doing, the more references and bibliographies youre going to need to do. You may as well get used to it if youre pursuing advanced degrees.

vs APA Style: An Overview

APA vs. MLA Documentation

 APA Style (Interactive Presentation)

 From the Gary Library (Union Institute and University)

 APA Style guide for Electronic Sources

 Examples of APA Style

 Capital Community College  - APA Style

 Writing Sociology Papers

 Using Modern Language Association (MLA) Format, Purdue University

 MLA Honolulu Community College

 Capital Community College MLA Style

More on MLA Style

Charts in MLA and APA

 Research Tips:

 Evaluating Web-based Resources



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