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  Week One Reading Information
23-Jan Introduction and orientation    
25-Jan What is crime and criminology CH1  
  Week Two    
30-Jan Counting and Measures of crime CH2  
1-Feb Schools of thought CH3  
  Week Three    
6-Feb Website Presentations    
8-Feb Website Presentations (Test One Review)    
  Week Four    
13-Feb Test One    
15-Feb Explanations of Crime CH4  
  Week Five    
20-Feb Strain and Cultural Deviance CH5  
22-Feb Formation of Culture CH6  
  Week Six    
27-Feb Social Control CH7  
1-Mar Labeling, conflict and radical theories CH8  
  Week Seven    
6-Mar Environmental Theory CH9  
8-Mar Mid Term Review    
  Week Eight    
13-Mar Mid Term (Test Two)    
15-Mar Application, promotion and careers in CJ    
  Week Nine    
20-Mar Violent Crimes CH10  
22-Mar Hate Crimes (Theory in Practice)    
  Week Ten Spring Recess, No Class    
  Week Eleven    
3-Apr Crimes against Property CH11  
5-Apr Hi Tech Crime (Theory in Practice)    
  Week Twelve    
10-Apr White Collar Crime CH12  
12-Apr Review for Test Three    
  Week Thirteen    
17-Apr Test Three    
19-Apr Organizational Deviance (Theory in Practice)    
  Week Fourteen    
24-Apr Public Order Crimes CH13  
26-Apr Public Health or Public Order (Theory in Practice)    
  Week Fifteen    
1-May International Criminology CH14  
3-May Criminal Justice System Integration    
  Week Sixteen    
8-May Criminal Justice System Integration   (Paper Due)
10-May Final Review    
  Week Seventeen - Final Per Schedule    

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